How to create a 5-year master plan

We always get asked the haunting questions “What are your future plans?” or “Where do you see yourself in five years?”.

It’s a nerve-racking question which young people often tend to push aside because we actually don’t know what the future provides for us. Even though we should never doubt our journey to success or our wiliness to get there.
We all imagine ourselves successful in the future. However, we often miss the most important thing while working on our ‘five-year plan’: Happiness is one of the key elements when establishing the career path you would like to go down. It has a separate effect from being wealthy and successful as it’s a mental state of mind that has to be developed over time. Both depend on your work ethic, your mindset and a strong self-confidence will assist you finding happiness, so you can follow your ultimate career path.


All of us are in different stages of our lives but shouldn’t downplay the use of our skillset and mindset with a fear. Imagine it as a race, we all want to reach the finish line and be in 1st place. In reality we can’t all come first, our success happens at different stages so we shouldn’t focus on competing with others and comparing ourselves.

Try to avoid seeing yourself always at the finish line because as humans we are always overcoming obstacles and learning continuously through our personal life journeys. When we have these self-doubts we often compare ourselves to a successful person. This impends us losing the focus on our goals instead of keeping our motivation.

When it came to planning what I wanted to do and how I am going to get there it wasn’t easy as well. However for a start I made sure I wrote down everything I wanted to achieve within a year and see the results in these 12 months.



When it comes to planning your own five-year plan don’t rush it; take simple steps and plan achievements even if you first think they’re silly or you think you can’t achieve them in a specific period of time. To start off your journey make a bucket list that tracks your development overtime. It structures what you want and supports the skills you want to achieve by continuously ticking off the list.

For my five-year plan, I want to start off with getting more knowledge and gaining experience as an upcoming writer. I found when it comes to research or knowledge I bounce off learning from others experiences or reading about something related. This helps me a lot when writing as it broadens my opinion and helps differ the angle of my article.

You should always try and find your own strengths when you find what you are passionate about. This makes it easier for you to adapt the times you need to learn to your daily routine.

Afterward, when I gain the knowledge I hope to work for a respectable company that can promote something that syncs in with my current blog site. I also hope that my blog site will grow over time and have a high number of readers I can communicate and collaborate with as that always has been a dream of mine.


To all the young people trying to figure out their ‘five-year plan’: first of all don’t be afraid of making mistakes. If you don’t achieve what you planned to in the required time, remember what counts is getting to know your passion and yourself. You should cater to your own well-being by building your self-confidence by doing so you’ll slowly but surely start believing in yourself.


Written by Imara Oshibanjo

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