Accredited Online Modules

We provide schools and colleges with free, accredited microlearning modules which cover soft skills training and general employability, as well as insights to a wide range of industries and sectors.

Our skills training modules focus on key soft skills such as leadership, resilience, communication and confidence. These modules are made up of short, sharp videos and quiz activities which provide students with core learning in an interactive, engaging format. They provide learners with CPD certification and training from experts.

Our insight modules provide students with information about a variety of different industries including banking, media, healthcare and law. These modules are intended to shine a spotlight on different sectors, the organisations within them, market trends and the different career opportunities available to students.

You can gain access to these modules through our free employability micro sites or via our lesson plan materials. To find out more, get in touch with us today!

Offer Key Training

Our accredited, online modules cover both soft skills training and insights into a variety of industries. Whether you want to develop students’ resilience, leadership skills or to raise awareness about post 16 and 18 options, we offer a variety of training!

Provide CPD Certification

All of our training modules are accredited by the CPD, meaning students automatically receive certification upon completion of our modules. This enables students to gain extra qualifications with over 15 hours of CPD training available to them.

Guarantee Student Learning

Students must watch all of our content and complete all online quizzes in order to complete a module and receive their CPD certification. This means our partners can be assured that students have engaged with our training and develop their skills.