How social media can help you get ahead in the job hunt

Job hunting is for most of us challenging and frustrating and seems never ending. But did you know that with the use of social media you not only can make the job search easier but also promote yourself in the best way possible?


Most people use social media to interact with friends and share memories, but more and more recruiters and employers use social media to source the right candidates, to find out who’s the best fit for the job. With that in mind it is essential what you upload and what kind of image you represent on your account. Don’t post anything that could hurt your image, negative comments or offensive content etc.

So what benefits can social media bring to your current job hunt?

Social media profiles, when used correctly, can make you more visible to recruiters. You also get the opportunity to build your network and to engage with a wider audience. That not only helps you make important connections but also to gain recognition in general. Also, you’ll be able to receive and create positive PR presenting testimonials, endorsements and presentations. Finally, of course you get the opportunity to talk to recruiters, head-hunters or prospective employers, which can give you huge advantages for the future.


There are three main social media sites to use while job seeking: LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Each app works differently, which is why we should take a closer look on each one of them:

  • LinkedIn: the world’s largest online professional network

Through LinkedIn you can connect easily and quickly with other professionals and like-minded people.  As LinkedIn is the main forum for recruitment activity nowadays, recruiters expect you to have a LinkedIn profile. If you haven’t created one yet, do so quickly!

The app provides many benefits such as extensive job listings, the ability to receive endorsements and testimonials, to join professional groups with people with the same interests, to make important connections and more. When creating an account make sure you reach out to people who view your profile to widen your audience, to build and promote your own brand by keeping active and posting often and to attach an active list of open jobs and positions to your page to be easily found by the right people.

As LinkedIn is the most used website by employers and job seekers, we should focus a bit more on what distinguishes this app from others and why it plays such an important role: LinkedIn allows you to form your own personal brand which makes you more visible to recruiters and key decision makers. You can easily demonstrate your knowledge, credibility and leadership expertise through your LinkedIn profile. Employers and recruiters can see your recommendations and connections and what you value which might help in building strong connections with them. You can directly apply for any positions using LinkedIn apply, a new tool and save job searches. Endorsements and testimonials play an important role, as people can recommend and endorse you for your skills or past work which can build your credibility. Through the recommended link provided by LinkedIn you can ask people to write endorsements for you.  Join groups, get involved in forums and connect with like-minded people to exhibit your knowledge. Optimise your profile and be active to ensure you won’t miss any opportunities. With using the right key-words others will find you easier through the search bar, so make sure to not miss out. Also, personalise your LinkedIn profile URL, watch out for typos, only use professional photos and post appropriate content to get the best out of it.


  • Twitter: public platform for people to post and exchange short messages

Businesses in particular use Twitter to promote their own services and to expertise and entice people to visit and follow their profiles. Although this app is used in an informal way by most members, keep in mind to stay professional to keep a clean imagine and gain attraction. There are plenty of twitter accounts serving as job boards to get you the job you are looking for. Also, you can follow companies and be updated all the time. You can find hidden job leads, interact and connect with industry insiders and research companies. Also twitter allows you to build your personal brand (within the industry).

Your twitter profile should include a professional looking photo, an appropriate bio and a link to your CV or LinkedIn profile/website.


  • Facebook: largest social media website

In April 2016, Facebook reported that they had a total of 1.59 billion active users, which means nothing but that this site gives you the perfect opportunity to connect with potential colleague and business associates. Many companies use Facebook to communicate with their stuff and customers but also to connect with potential employees. If you have an account already, change your status and make it clear that you’re currently looking for a job, people who follow you might know how to help you. Also Facebook has an extra tool called Facebook Marketing, which provides current job listings and is worth to be checked out. Finally, you can post your own ads by creating them yourself and promote yourself in the best way.




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