Which university is the right one for you?

Congratulations, you’ve found your calling in life.

Now all you need do to, is figure how and where to start the journey in mastering your craft. & for a large majority of us, the beginning of that journey starts at university.And there lies your next question; how do you choose the university that is right for you?

Have no fear, your fairy Grad mother is here! To guide you in choosing the right university for you!


  1. Does your university have the course that you want to study?

This is basic common sense, but unfortunately common sense isn’t so common. Don’t choose a degree that is similar to your career path. Choose a degree that is specifically required and designed for your career path! It’s really that simple!

  1. Do your research!

As tedious as researching may be, it will massively reduce the chances of you being stuck in a course/ university that you will be utterly miserable in. We have the luxury of the internet at our finger tips, so use it! Or to get a clearer perspective of a university that peaks your fancy, attend opening evenings. Open evenings will give you opportunities to, speak to past students, lecturers and get a feel of the university.


  1. What are you looking for in a university?

Apart from knowing what degree you want to study, which you should already know before even looking for a university! There are so much more important factors to consider when choosing your university, e.g. accommodation, student life, employment success rates etc. Your degree will ultimately become a major component in your lifestyle and your future. So, it’s important to know what you want, before choosing any tom, dick and harry university.


  1. What is your university looking for?

A relationship works both ways. You need to find out what the university of your dreams, requires from you! Your degree may require that you meet a certain criteria of A levels or a qualification in course that relates to your degree. If you’re not meeting the straight A requirements and are scraping C’s, you need to start getting you’re A game ready (no pun intended).  If you have neither of these requirements, do not stress & give up! There are a lot of part-time & full-time access and diploma courses ran at colleges, which are equivalent qualifications to get you accepted into university. So, get researching on a suitable college if this applies to you!


  1. Fancy Nancy

A highly, state of the art university, doesn’t mean it’s the right university for you. Take of the rose-tinted glasses and do your research!


  1. Don’t follow the crowd

Wouldn’t it be great if you and your friends could all go to the same university?

I’m here to burst that bubble. And I would not advise you in choosing a university based on your friend circle. Because it’s not sweet, it’s just plain stupid! You need to keep in mind, the reason you are going to university and make logical decisions based on that. Comfort zones are lovely, but they won’t let you grow. Change can be a terrifying thing, but it is so worthwhile!



  1. The Parent Trap

Our parents don’t always know what best for us, even though they have our best intentions at heart. The degree and university you choose, should be based solely on your decision, not from anyone else’s. And I’m not in any way advising you to not to listen to your parent’s advice, on choosing on university; if anything, I encourage it. You will be getting a lot of advice and opinions not only from your parents, but from many people. And it can be helpful towards your decision making. But just remember this is still your decision. If you find yourself, choosing a university/degree based on the thought of not disappointing your parents. You’re defiantly choosing the wrong university.


So, what are you waiting for! Use this valuable information and go find your dream university! And get on with it, because those UCAS deadlines are nearer then you think!


Written by Vanessa Rodrigues


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