Why choose an apprenticeship?

Thinking about an apprenticeship? Perhaps the cost will work in your favour.

That time of year has rolled around again, whether you are on the cusp of leaving education or just thinking about starting the journey of a new career, an apprenticeship could be the way forward as you get paid whilst you learn.


If the call of further education is not appealing, an apprenticeship is a great way to learn new skills and experience what it is like to work in an industry of your choice. Your employer will pay you a salary whilst you learn and study. The government may also pay for your training. There are no tuition fees, not student finance loans and the chances of leaving an apprenticeship in debt are very slim. Being paid for your work and when you are studying is a great way to start a career.

However, bear in mind that each apprenticeship wage varies depending on the industry you are interested in and the level of apprenticeship you desire to do. If you are aged 16-19 years old as well as in your first year as an apprentice, the average wage is £3.50 an hour. This will increase after your first year to the national living wage. Of course, your employer may decide to pay you more than specified so make sure you research before applying to make sure the apprenticeship is right for you.

You can be an apprentice from any age so never think you are too old for a career change. And the chance to be paid whilst you study and learn is one not to be missed.

Many apprentices are entitled to some of the same benefits as regular staff. This can include things like tax credits, at least 20 paid holidays a year, paid sick leave and paid maternity/paternity leave.

If going on to finish A-levels or further education like university is not for you, the advantage or earning whilst you study and earn is one that will set you apart from everyone else.

So why not embark on an apprenticeship and start a brand new chapter of your life?


Written by Rebecca Yeomans


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