De-stressing in stressful times

Hi there! My name is Rufeida. I thought I should introduce myself to make my writing slightly more intimate and relatable because I address an important topic that requires the person writing (aka me) to show to the reader (aka you) that I’m not just a writer who formulates robotic articles. I am a human just like you and I relate with your struggles because I go through similar struggles too.

So the topic of today’s article is dealing with stress and anxiety. During this period many of us will be sitting our end of year exams and unsurprisingly, stress and anxiety levels are going to increase.


So I wanted to share some tips to help fellow students in need.

It’s so easy for people outside your situation to understate or misunderstand your issue because they’re not in the same boat as you. I know how you feel. It’s really stressful to hear things like ‘stop being dramatic!’ ‘You just need to work harder’ or ‘just be grateful for what you’ve got’. You need to understand that stress and anxiety are real issues. Mental health issues are health issues. No one should be able to tell you that your anxiety is less important than a broken leg or another physical issue. Just take the first brave step and admit to yourself that you have got an issue. Only then you are really able to do something about it. Of course you can only know how to battle the rough tides after recognising that you are in fact battling these?

Sometimes you may feel like you’re fighting a battle against violent waves that are caving in on you. You are suffocating. You are choking on all that has piled up on you. But you don’t have to drown. You can change things. Hold on to a life line when someone provides you with one- it’s so easy, in fact so much easier to tell people ‘I’m ok’… ‘I’ll be fine, I just need some caffeine in my system’. However, you’ll be fine if you squeeze the weight from the soaking waves out and let someone help get you out of the water. Anxiety is a tough one to battle against- but not impossible to conquer. There are people out there willing to help you. Reach out and grab the support that’s on offer. Sometimes it does take some time to find the right person to fend to but I promise, once you’ve managed to locate that strong life line and get a grasp on it, hold on tight.

Just breathe. Exams and the stress they bring with them are undeniably overwhelming. Once you just take a step back and put things into perspective, you can solve the problem. Step out of your room. Get out of the house. Take some time to acknowledge the beauty around you. It’s so easy to feel like there’s no beauty around you because there’s the shadow from that dark cloud floating over your head. There are things to see. People who care about you and want to see you. Take in the beauty surrounding you by maybe going out for a spontaneous walk everyday to de-stress and just think about the problems you’ve got to tackle. You start taking things into perspective and noticing that you can do it! You’ll begin to see that there isn’t a cloud floating over your head. It’s the shadow of your own self-doubt mixed with that overwhelming voice inside your head telling you that you’ll mess up or you’re just not meant for the task at hand. That voice speaking to you…it’s your own voice. Your voice that echoes in your head. You need an external voice to tell you that everything will be alright. It will get better. You are so much better than you think.

You can keep your head over water. You will be on the waves in the water.



Written by Rufeida Alhatimy



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