Lesson Resources

We also offer partner schools and colleges a range of resources to enhance their CEIAG training in tutor time and within their curriculum.

Each online training module we offer has accompanying lesson materials to enable your staff to deliver our training in the classroom. These materials include a structured lesson plan and scheme of work, an engaging presentation, student workbook and mark scheme.

Our lessons focus on a specific aspect or strategy covered within our online module, whilst encouraging students to reflect on their own skills, goals and development. Our lessons also enable students to engage in group discussions and feedback activities so they can learn from others and hone their skills.

These resources are completely free of charge for our partners.

Deliver Training With Ease

We provide lesson plans, presentations and work books for each module we produce. This means you have a vast library of expertly prepared, free resources to choose from.

Embed Learning

Increase student engagement and embed careers training into your curriculum by using our wide range of lesson resources, including workbook activities student can complete outside the classroom.

Provide Further Certification

We also provide one hour of CPD certification for each lesson delivered. Enable students and teacher to increase their CPD hours with ease and without cost!