Did you know there are more than 350 different roles in health? You can work in the NHS, a charity or a partnership between the NHS and a local authority department, such as social care or children’s services, and there’s a wide range of roles in private healthcare too.  Whatever your background, previous work experience or qualifications there will be a full-time or part-time healthcare role for you.

Here are just some of the reasons you may wish to move into healthcare:

  • perhaps you are interested in working directly with patients or helping to support those staff that do?
  • perhaps you have knowledge you could bring to working in healthcare science; in a laboratory testing role, at the cutting edge of medical research or using and maintaining state of the art equipment?
  • you could work in a range of settings including hospitals, clinics or in the community alongside social care workers?
  • you may wish to use previous experience and qualifications in areas such as administration, accountancy or management?
  • or perhaps you would like to use your practical skills, such as catering, gardening or plumbing in a different workplace?

Is a health career right for you?

If you are currently out of work or looking to change careers and are interested in a job or career in health, you may find the links on this page useful.

We are over 350 different careers. We are the NHS. Whatever your skills, qualifications or interests, there is a career for you in the NHS and we are recruiting now.

You could work directly with patients, in hospitals, an ambulance trust, or in the community. And once you are part of the NHS team we’ll work with you to develop your career, and fulfil your potential.

Find out more about:

Step into the NHS schools' competition

The Step into the NHS schools’ competition offers students in years 8 and 9 the chance to win a tablet or a £50 Amazon voucher!

The competition supports the non-statutory framework for careers education, has strong links to the curricula for PSHE, citizenship and English, and raises awareness of the breadth of careers availablein health.

What’s it all about?

There’s much more to working for the NHS than being a doctor or nurse. In fact there are more than 350 different careers in the NHS and, with that many careers on offer, there’s a job to suit anyone, no matter what your interests and skills are. That is where the Step into the NHS schools competitioncomes in.

The competition also offers students in years 8 and 9 the chance to win a tablet or a £50 Amazon voucher!

How to get involved
We want students to choose an NHS career that interests them and to create a job description and an advert to tell their friends and other young people about it. Students can work on their own or in teams of up to four. Our video tells you all about it.

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