Internships at Fujitsu

Combining fresh talent with experienced professionals we achieve our vision of true excellence – in our food, our service and our people.

We are famous throughout the industry for our training.

All our front of house staff go through world class training in the academy. With our guidance, you will quickly master the art of service and gain confidence as you go. Our kitchen teams are trained and inspired by our chefs who pass on their knowledge and enthusiasm from the first day you start at Fujitsu.


Finding an Internship

If you choose to study at university or pursue a career straight after school, there may come a time when you’d like to undertake an internship and further develop your skills.

Internships are a fantastic way of honing your skills, interests and gaining practical work experience. They also look great on CVs!

There are many internships out there and it’s important that you consider the different options available. Whether you want to work for a start-up or FTSE 100 company, there will likely be an internship out there for you.

To help you secure this form of work and further your careers, we’ve put together some information from our expert trainers and partner companies below, as well as a job search from the UK’s largest student jobs board!

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