The importance of accurate decision making

Making decisions can be tough and challenging to say the least. However once decisions have been thought out and executed well then the rest certainly follows and 2018 is no exception. For anyone at university or starting very soon decision-making is an integral part of your university experience. Thus its vitally important to understanding the formalities of it and some of the situations you may find yourself in which will require you to make a decision effectively and even coherently. So here some situations that certainly utilise ‘decision making’ in more ways than one (attached below).



1. Life decisions

Making decisions is probably one of the most important factors of your university life. This is because university is a stepping stone for you to utilise before entering the real world in terms of job prospects. One key tip is to make sure to pin point where you want to go and how you’ll get there. For example if your looking to work for the BBC as a journalist then set your sights high and think about how you can gain work experience with them first/if any of your friends/family members have pre-set connections with them. You never know if you don’t try as the results may just surprise you in a positive way.

2. Keeping healthy

Now keeping healthy is definitely harder than it sounds when it comes to university living. This is because there is so much temptation around especially as convenience is a major factor in any university students routine considering that when assignments come around the easiest think to either cook or even purchase will present itself to you (e.g a sandwich and a bag of crisps). Therefore why not get ahead of the game and plan each of your meals and leave room for those days where you just crave a quick snack. This will not only aid your budgeting skills but also leave you room to enjoy more of what you love. Finally make sure to leave room for exercise to really boost your productivity levels and aid you when your sitting in front of a computer 9 to 5. As you’ll find that sitting for long periods of times in one position won’t be good for your back entirely, thus is best to really exercise your core muscles and build up your back nicely so that you have extra strength (engaging your focus levels fluidly in the making).


3. Getting those grades

Securing the highest grade possible can be extremely daunting and pressuring. However if you really plan each of your modules and aim to get the best grade possible then you’ll find that you’ll not only relax a little bit more but you’ll automatically set yourself up for your desired grade as you’d be working on the get go in a calm and composed manor which will really aid your overall outlook on getting the grades you want etc.

4. Beating those January blues

Last but not least beating the January blues is definitely important to do. This is because winter in general can definitely be a mood defeater and make you extremely fatigued. However fret not as there are many ways to defeat the January blues. Some ways include joining societies (to keep you busy), keeping your energy levels up by dancing, meditating or even just spending time with your friends and laughing into the early hours of the next day. My pro tip here is to really set out in motion how you’ll beat the January blues and your own plan of coping mechanisms/ways to keep your motivation levels and defeat your levels of fatigue as you do so.


Overall making big/small decisions in 2018 shouldn’t make you too nervous. This is because each decision you make/face will not only aid your university journey but it will definitely influence your own sense of character in the long run. Therefore proving vital for your overall development and constructive process as you make your way through university whether you’re just finishing your university journey as we speak or have just started your 1st year of university a few months ago. Either way be confident, focused, excited, passionate and intrigued by the year that is 2018, the year of ‘decision making’.


Good luck and happy decision making!


Written by Ashish Patel

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