Your personal brand and the use of social media


When creating a personal brand, you need social media to establish a growing audience to your product. Social media plays a huge role when promoting products or services, so using social accounts will help you to reach your goals.

One of the most known influencers with a standout personal brand is Neil Patel , co-founder of Neil Patel Digital. Over the years he’s been the world’s leading online marketer, king of blogging about online marketing and has already founded and co-founded several companies that provide services to online marketers and companies needing marketing assistance, including KISSmetrics and Crazy Egg.  His twitter page exactly shows what his brand represents.

If you want your personal brand to be as successful as Neil Patel’s, you must consider some steps while creating an account and how to use social media effectively in order to promote your brand:


As the first step you must define your goals. What do you want to get out of your brand? Do you want to start a new business or differentiate your products from the competition? After making it clear what exactly you aim for, you must set a realistic timescale on when you most likely have achieved your goal.

Developing a strong brand statement is the key to your success. Think about what you want to let others think about your brand. Your brand statement is defined by your image, your mission, your values and your vision.

Once you know what you want to accomplish you now consider which channels to use for promoting. Consider not only your own preferences but your audience’s most likely hangouts, too.  Try to find out which side might be the best for your business regarding on the nature of your personal brand. Will you get the advice and feedback you strive for?

At first you might not get the attention you want or even no attention at all. But that shouldn’t stop you from promoting. Start promoting even without an audience. People want to see how ambitious you are for your goals and what you can offer. The more content you provide, the better.

While sharing information on your personal brand make sure you not only provide useful but also entertaining and educational information. Don’t only talk about advertisements but also about yourself and what makes you different from others. Give people a reason to follow you. Keep your sides in check and upload content regularly, so that your audience is updated all along. Try to be as active as you can- the more you communicate with your audience the better. This is really important as many people underrate being active, but can result in failing promoting your brand successfully.

In order to succeed with your social media accounts, you need to establish a Personal Branding Strategy. What content will you share and when? What exactly do you want to talk about? Also experiment with your content. What gets the most attention/likes, what gets the least? Try out new things and see what they offer you. If something didn’t go as planned, refine and do it differently next time, so you can identify your area of expertise. Check on social media analytics regularly to find out if your personal branding strategy is working.

When creating a few different accounts try to ensure consistency in your Brand Image, Voice and Tone, so that people can easily recognise and distinguish you from others. Use therefore a consistent logo and profile image. Also import your contacts from your phone book or your email addresses onto your social account, you may be surprised how many people you already know, and you might be missing out on.

Obviously, you are not the only one promoting their own personal brand, so find others and study their methods of promoting. What similarities/ differences are there? Do they have a bigger impact? Try to engage with as many other influencers as you can and join groups with the same interests: It will only profit you in the end by the knowledge you gain talking or discussing with others. Through groups you can expand your skills, gain ideas, test your knowledge and make friends who can help you.

Now you’ve heard all the important steps on how to successfully promote your personal brand on social media. A quick reminder of what you should not do or should try to avoid while promoting: Don’t pretend to be someone you’re clearly not. That goes without saying, people will soon realise who you are, and faking can damage your reputation badly. Don`t ignore your audience, but instead interact with followers as much as you can. Try to be as consistent as possible so people start recognising you. Try to avoid any spelling errors and update your profiles from time to time.


It may take some time and it may work differently than with other influencers you know. Don’t give up too easily and believe in yourself and your brand!

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